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About Ksamil 

European tourists are only just starting to discover the beauty of Albania’s West coast, so treasured hideaways such as Ksamil are still unspoilt, tranquil areas to holiday in. The town of Ksamil is surrounded by water, with the Ionian Sea to the West and inland the stunning lake of the old city of Butrint. The area has a rich countryside with tumbling green mountains and winding rivers scattered with fresh water springs.

Ksamilis nestled on a beautiful stretch of coastline with both long sandy beaches and small isolated coves, with crystal clear waters from the channel between Albania and Corfu. The beaches are unspoiled and offer visitors a private retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city of Saranda.

A holiday in Ksamil can be enjoyed at your leisure. Unwind in the sunshine and enjoy long afternoons on the beach, sipping local beer or cocktails from the nearby bars and taverns. Why not hire a pedalo on the beach and venture out to find your own private cove for a blissful, uninterrupted afternoon? The warm water is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and fishing. For the more adventurous tourists, jet skis are available to hire so you can whizz around the clear blue waters and soak up the sun at high speed!

Ksamil, Ria Apartmets

Ksamil’s beaches are popular with both locals and tourists. A short swim through Ksamil’s clear, warm waters brings you to the famous ‘three islands’ where you can dive, snorkel or sunbathe at ease in an astonishing setting. There is even a selection of small bars amongst the greenery on the largest island, allowing visitors to unwind with a drink in complete privacy.

For advice on where to go and what to do first, ask us for our advice and recommendations at “Ria’s Apartments” and we will tailor your visit to suit your wishes. We promise your holiday in Ksamil will be a truly unforgettable, unique experience! More adventurous travellers may wish to explore the surrounding area by hiking through the mountains, following the fresh water streams around the Albanian Riviera.

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Ksamil has a great variety of restaurants throughout the town and on the beachfront, where you can sample both local and international cuisine made using the finest, freshest local ingredients. Be sure to try the local mussels, fresh from Butrint Lake-a real treat!

Whether you are travelling with a young family, or as a couple you will be able to find a suitable place to enjoy a quiet drink, or to experience Albanian nightlife with fellow tourists and locals.Thereare several bars and coffee shops open from early morning until late at night, which always provide a buzzing atmosphere and a real taste of modern Albanian culture.

Ksamil occupies an ideal location, 15 minutes south of Saranda, and just a short distance North of UNESCO heritage site, the city of ancient Roman and Medieval Venetian Butrint.


Sarande, Ksamil ApartmentsFor those looking to shop, it is recommended to take the short journey to the city of Saranda, easily accessed by car or local bus. The city offers great variety to everyone looking to purchase something special, be it from the local market, street traders, or top high street names.

Saranda is situated in Southwestern Albania on the Ionian Sea, only a few miles from the Greek island of Corfu. It is about 280 kilometres from Tirana International Airport. Saranda is linked to the Port in Corfu Town by the ‘dolphin’ ferry, which operates daily between the two towns.

Ancient Butrint

Butrint, Ksamil ApartmentsWhen visiting Ksamil, it is essential that you make the most of the local area’s history by visiting Ancient Butrint. Set in a national park, surrounded by a picturesque lagoon, the ruins of Ancient Butrint offer visitors a unique museum experience. Butrint, an ancient town once occupied by Caesar, has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

As you enter you are instantly transported to a different era, rich with significant archaeological treasures. A sunny day can be spent exploring the temples, theatres and markets of Butrint, and families can enjoy picnics amongst the wildlife the park offers. Ancient Butrint is a true gem, not to be missed by anyone holidaying in Albania.

Blue Eye “Syri I kalter”

Blue Eye, Ksamil ApartmentsA holiday in Ksamil would not be complete without a visit to the unforgettable ‘Blue Eye’ Lake.The Blue Eye or “SyriiKalter” as it is known in Albania, is located just off the road between Saranda and Ghiorgnzzati. If you are driving from Sarandë towards Ghiorgnzzati the turn will be on your left-hand side, about eight miles from Sarandë.  You can reach the Blue Eye in approximately 40 minutes from Ria’s Apartments.

The Blue Eye is a 45-metre deep water spring set amid a forest of hazelnuts, walnuts, cherries, pines and fir trees. The vibrant blue water from the blue eye’s spring bubbles and froths at the surface, creating the illusion of a striking blue eye, a beautiful and purely natural creation.

Here you can enjoy a delicious typical Albanian lunch in the restaurant while enjoying the stunning scenery. Alternatively visitors can take their own picnic and find shade under the many trees and spend the afternoon relaxing and soaking up the blue eye’s magic.